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Questions and Information about our Competitive (JBO) Program.


GYB offers nine levels of play* under the Junior Baseball Organization (JBO) umbrella.

There are three divisions broken down by grade levels:

  • Seniors (7th & 8th grade)
  • Juniors (5th & 6th grade)
  • Midgets (3rd & 4th grade)

Within each of the three divisions there are three skill levels that teams are assigned to:

  • Federal (advanced)
  • American (above average)
  • National (developmental)


Why do we evaluate?

Evaluations are intended to provide a means to place kids on teams that are consistent with each player’s individual skill level.

When are the player evaluations?

2018 evaluations will be Saturday March 17th at Hillsboro Stadium & Ron Tonkin Field. They will be scheduled for different times depending on your child’s grade in school. Check the GYB’s website, Facebook page or Twitter for the latest information on dates and times.

Who evaluates my child’s skill level?

To the best of our ability, we try to find knowledgeable baseball people in the area that do not have any current affiliation with the GYB program to evaluate players. Depending on the availability of the volunteer evaluators, it may be necessary for a GYB Board Member or Coach to evaluate however, they will NEVER evaluate at a level they will be coaching at that season. Prospective head coaches may also participate in the evaluations, but their scores and notes are for their personal use only and are not used by GYB’s skill level assignment.

What if my child cannot attend the player evaluations on the scheduled date?

A registered player who cannot attend the scheduled evaluations will be placed at the lowest skill level. In the event of exceptional circumstances that prevents a player from attending evaluations, contact us at to discuss options.

When can I expect to hear what level my child will play at?

After the evaluations are completed, the teams will be formed. Generally, we expect to have the teams formed within the week after evaluations. Players will then be notified of their team assignment BY THEIR HEAD COACH no later than two weeks after evaluations.

How many teams are at each level?

It depends on the total number of players we have, which varies from year to year.  JBO defines the number of teams at each level based on the number of total teams within a club’s age division.

When will I find out who my child’s coach is?

Within two weeks after evaluations.

When do practices start?

At the coach’s discretion, but generally practices will begin the week after spring break. Some teams may elect to start prior to spring break.

When do games start?

League games are on weekdays, beginning late April or early May, depending on level.

Are there weekend games?

Yes, Tournaments, including post season tournaments. Your registration fees include entry into two tournaments, one home and one away (the away tournament is up to the individual coach to schedule). Additionally, most teams will opt to play in additional weekend tournaments at varying locations throughout the season. Tournaments may begin prior to league play. Depending on weather or other circumstances, weekends may be used for make-up games. 

Are there extra costs for weekend tournaments?

Your registration fees include entry into two tournaments, one home and one away. Fees for any additional tournaments are the responsibility of the participating team. If your team qualifies for post season play, GYB will cover the entry costs. This includes the Westside District Tournament and the JBO Championship Tournament.

Where are the league games?

GYB participates in the Westside Youth Baseball district of JBO. Home games will be at GYB fields. Away games may involve teams at any or all other Westside associations and their respective fields.

When does the season end?

Regular-season games end by late June or early July.  Depending on team performance, advancement to district and/or state tournaments may extend the season until mid to late July.

What are the governing rules for GYB?

As an organization, we operate under established bylaws These documents are available on our website. All baseball play is governed by National Federation of State High School Association rules, with JBO-specific modifications. JBO rules can be found on the JBO website.

*The number of teams we have or are required to form at each level is based on a JBO matrix and the number of participants we have. The matrix is broken down by the OSAA classification of each associations feeder high school. In our case, Glencoe High School is a 6A school. Please refer to the JBO website / JBO Rule Book for the matrix break down.